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Visiting Card Design For Photographer ai File PCA007

Visiting Card Design For Photographer ai File PCA007

In this article, we will tell you how can you create this Visiting Card Design if you want to create your own?

Welcome to another Adobe Illustrator tutorial. In this article you will learn about” Visiting Card Design For Photographer ai File PCA007”. We’re again welcome to you in our website and we’re thankful to you for visit our site. I recommend you first watch the article below first and then create your Business or Visiting Card Design.

How to Setup Your Work Slide:

Default Work Slide:

If you design a visiting card while working on default work slide, then you have a lot of white space in which you can create object easily. You can choose the various sizes of the slide you want and design.

Work Slide According to Visiting Card:

Now, if you want to talk about this method, you have to give the size that you are going to make business cards. For this you have to go to the new file and then customize the size If you want to make the blade all around, then it will be installed from there.

Visiting Card Design For Photographer ai File PCA007

Pick a Theme:

From the business card, the theme is very important to talk about your card’s theme should be attractive and eye-catching, as well as introduce your business, because such things affect the business.

  • Visiting Card Design For Photographer ai File PCA007

How To Make Visiting Card Design in Illustrator:

Create First Design:

When we talk to the first design, it has a total of five objections. First of all, we will make the Background for which you have to create a rectangular object that you can look size down below. And if you want, fill any color according to yourself. Let’s move towards another object that you have to see half the object of the circle object, it actually created a circle and then it has been cut off from it. There are two objects. The third object is the camera that we have already made and drag and drop.

Visiting Card Design Size

Create Second Design:

If the second design is done, this color has been changed by duplicate the first background area because it will take a lot of time if you re-create it. But there is no need to re-create it again. Duplicate has also been created and the colors have been changed. Even if you are viewing any objects that you are looking for, drag and drop. You will get all the objects on downloading the file.

Pick Colors:

The colors used in the visiting card can be completely converted. You want to give or change any color you want according to it, including objects, icons, and text etc.

  • Visiting Card Design For Photographer ai File PCA007

Pick Fonts:

The visiting card has not been used special but also the default font. You can use special fonts if you like.


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