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Visiting Card Design 2018 Free Download RCA0016

Visiting Card Design 2018 Free Download RCA0016-B4businesscard

Welcome to another Adobe Illustrator tutorial. In this article you will learn about” Visiting Card Design 2018 Free Download RCA0016”. We’re again welcome to you in our website and we’re thankful to you for visit our site. I recommend you first watch the article below first and then create your Business or Visiting Card Design.

By the way, we have posted enough business cards before this but this card is the type of card because it can be downloaded in two typo file formats, and this card can be downloaded in Adobe Illustrator and Coral Draw both files. In addition, you can see how the eye-catching colors are getting attracted by our customers. So let’s now see how this business card is designed.

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Create First Design Visiting Card Design 2018 Free Download RCA0016:

We are sorry for the round corner cards postponing enough time, but first it is designed for multi-purpose and can also be used for multi-purpose. If you want, make this card in Corel Draw and if you want make this card in Adobe Illustrator, you can make it but you will have to make a little change. We are making this card in Adobe Illustrator. You can create a Rectangle object, which you can see in the screenshot below. After object and size setting, follow the path to round corners now. Follow the path and click on Effects on the top and in the drop-down menu, go to Stylize to activate the round users. One window will open, round the users in value according to it. Working in Scale, you’ll have to given the same scale, for example, if your scale is inches, enter the value inches.

Visiting Card Design 2018 Free Download RCA0016-B4businesscard

Now we have to separate the vectors that you are looking for in different colors. See the screen shot and then set the line on one side and then select the object and line simultaneously and the divide the vector by using Pathfinder, vector separately. Seeing these steps, also separate the remaining vectors and fill the corresponding color. The drop down drop shadow of the vectors can be used if you do not want to use it. .And if you want to use, you can easily do it. The Logo object is made using the circle that is very easy to make.

Visiting Card Design 2018 Free Download RCA0016-B4businesscard

Create Second Design:

The second design is originally mirrored the same format, you will be able to see the video of the design of the same card very soon.


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